(there can be only one chicken dinner)

Currently the most played game on Steam, and recognised as the father of the Battle Royale genre, Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds drops you and up to 100 other players into the map, with the last person standing to be declared Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner.

Players will be randomly placed in teams of two (Duos) to enter (and hopefully win) a match. After each round, your Duo partner will be randomly assigned again. Overall scoring is individual so the player(s) with the most points at the end gets the chicken dinner.

Platform: PC

Time: Friday 28th September 8:00 PM

Signups: Individual players (

Voice Chat: Discord

Prizes: Cash – $100.00 For 1st, $50.00 for 2nd

Tournament Player Cap: Duos (Teams of 2) (Minimum 10 players).

Game Mode: First Person, Sanhok, Duos (Custom Match)

Round Format Aiming for 5 complete rounds.@ approx 20min per round.


  • 10 points awarded per Kill (awarded individually)
  • Points awarded to teams ranking per below at the end of each round


Team Rank Points
First 50
Second 40
Third 30
Fourth 20
Fifth 10

Victory Condition: Highest score, determined from total individual kills plus team rank points from the table above.

Other Conditions:

  • All participants must have a Steam account active and know the login details before the beginning of the tournament.
  • All players must own the game and have it installed before the beginning of the tournament.
  • Please note: if players are found to be deliberately griefing or teamkilling, or suspected of doing so, they will be disqualified. (Verify with replays after comp before declaring winner).