Fortnite Battle Royale

With 125 million players as of June 2018, Fortnite Battle Royale is literally the most popular game on the planet right now.

Players will be randomly placed in teams of two (Duos) to enter (and hopefully win) a match. After each round, your Duo partner will be randomly assigned again. As players win (or are eliminated) from each game, they must email a screengrab of the end card to for adjudication and scoring.

Platform: PC

Voice Chat and round organisation: Make sure to get discord working before the tournament!

Time: Saturday 29th September – 3:00 PM

Prizes: Cash – $100.00 for 1st Place, $50.00 for 2nd Place

Tournament Player Cap: TBC (Squads of 2)

Game Mode: Duos (with a randomly assigned partner each match)

Round Format: 3-4 Matches/ (approx) 1 to 2 hours to score as many points as possible, based on the scoring table below. 

Victory Condition: highest score, determined from score table cross-referenced with screencaps of endgame screens, emailed to

Other Conditions:

  • All participants must have an Epic Games account active and know the login details before the beginning of the tournament.
  • All players must own the game and have it installed before the beginning of the tournament.
  • Please note: if players are found to be faking their screen grabs, or suspected of doing so, they will be disqualified.


Match finish Points
First 12
Second 10
Third 8
Fourth 6
Fifth 4
Sixth – 10th 2
11-25th 1

Kills are worth 2 points each – This is the most effective way to score!