We’re back!!1! – 2018 Update

After a long hiatus over the last few months, StreetGeek is back and we’re happy to be here! We know it’s been quite a few months of uncertainty and radio silence, so we’re here to explain what’s going on!

So when is the next event?

So the next event we have scheduled is on the 28th and 29th of September this year, at the Colonel Light Gardens Uniting Church. This will run from Friday night until Saturday night and have bigger tournaments and prizes per normal! Details will be hitting the website and social media soon, and we’ll have tickets open for pre-sale in the next week or so.

So where have you guys been?

After StreetGeek X 2017, the StreetGeek team decided to take a break from running events to have a look at the future of StreetGeek moving forward to make sure the organisation is sustainable moving forward and continues to serve the Adelaide video game community with awesome events. While we prided ourselves on running our regular monthly and bi-monthly events and StreetGeek X events once a year, factors such as financial costs, man power and volunteer levels made us realize that this model moving forward would not be in the organisations and the communities best interest. So we’ve made some tweaks to the types of events we run, the way the organisation is structured to make sure we can keep going now and into the future.

So what does that mean for the events?

So we’re still going to be running events, but the events that we will run will change. For the mean time, we’re going to be scaling back a bit to make sure we can still run events, but we won’t be running the organisation into the ground. So our plan moving forward is:

  • We won’t be running monthly or bi-monthly events going forward. While they were great and a part of the organisation since the beginning, the decreasing volunteers numbers and increasing regulars costs meant these started becoming harder to keep running
  • StreetGeek X style events at the Goodwood Community Centre will also be on hold for the time being. The venue hire and running costs with this event have become too expensive to be sustainable moving forward, but we’re not ruling these out to come back in the future
  • What we are committing to is running a couple of larger events per year that is a sort of hybrid between StreetGeek X and Regular StreetGeek events, hosted at the Colonel Light Gardens Uniting Church. This venue brings down our operating costs, but also allows us to drastically increase the quality of the Internet Connections. Because of this, we’ll be focusing on hosting fewer tournament games during these events, but with more recent games and larger prize pools.
  • Even though we’ve been talking a lot of financials, we won’t be raising ticket prices, these will remain the same.
  • We’ve also realised we need more help running this thing, so we’re looking to bring people on to help us out! If you are keen and think you have any sorts of skills that StreetGeek can benefit from, email us at freshmeat@streetgeek.com.au. Just give us a short blurb on why you want to volunteer and what you think you would be good at doing! We’re especially looking for people who can help us out with the following:
    • Anyone with web development or graphic design skills.
    • Marketing, promotion and sponsorship experience.
    • Tournament organisation and running for PC’s and Console Games.
    • Someone to own and run Tabletop and Board games.

Would you like to know more? Email us at info@streetgeek.com.au or reach out on Social Media if you have a specific question.


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